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Always prefer atlas world map to discover more about any place

Do you have any knowledge about Atlas world map? Why it is used and what are the benefits of using it? if not, then be ready to discover more about it. Basically atlas is a book of world maps in which you can find out each and every country of the world. This book also introduces you with significant facts of each particular country. There are atlas books of world maps are available, in which each and every detail of every country is depicted. That’s why people prefer atlas world map instead of a simple chart.

Why it is called atlas?

There is a very interesting story behind it. Atlas was one of the groups of god named as titans. Many years ago titans were fought with god Zeus and other celestial gods. The titans were badly defeated in this war and god Zeus had penalized atlas by forcing him to pick whole world on his shoulders. While the primary world map was developed in years ago, the map cartographer has named the book as atlas. From that time people prefer atlas word for book of charts and most often it is called atlas world map.

world maps atlas
world maps atlas

How it is different from simple maps?

If you will purchase a simple map of world, then you can only recognize only epochal aspects of the world like, countries, oceans and continents. By the way if you will purchase atlas world map, so you will get the map of each state of every country in that book. It will help you in discovering very basic things about the targeted place, like what is the population of that area, what is the density of forests, for which minerals that place is famous and how many tourist spots are available there. These all things can be obtained from an atlas world map that’s why it is much better than a simple map.

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