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Top 10 Arshi Khan Controversies

Arshi khan is the good actress and started her career with Bollywood. Arshi khan is now the most popular actress of Tollywood due to some controversies in term of Cricketer Shahid Afridi and Arshi Khan is famous in times like that kind of controversies which we define below. First of all, we introduce about the Arshi Khan is a Tollywood actress and model who has got birth in Afghanistan. Arshi khan is a Tamil Movie actress and started her acting career from the Bhopal Theater and after that, she moved to Mumbai.

Arshi khan is a good actress of Tollywood with a lot of fans. Arshi khan is now famous because of multiple controversies which we saw below. And we talked about personal and affair life about Arshi khan so she is currently in the news because of the affair with Pakistani Cricketer Shahid Afridi. And due to the news updates Shahid Afridi and Arshi Khan had spent time together in Dubai. And Arshi Khan visits Dubai the duration of two to three month. According to Arshi Khan, she denies with the love relation of Shahid Afridi, in fact, Arshi told that Shahid Afridi and she are just a friend and good friend but not the lovers. So some few controversies are in below section.

Top 10 Arshi Khan Controversies:

  1. Relationship with Pakistani Cricketer Shahid Afridi

We all know about the relationship of Arshi Khan and Cricketer Shahid Afridi. In every media had covered that news like they got intimate together and Arshi Khan told in front of media about the sex with Cricketer Shahid Afridi. But Cricketer Shahid Afridi denies with this relationship and another side Arshi Khan told Cricketer Shahid Afridi has a good friend of her.  But Shahid Afridi not knows about his and Arshi Khan’s love relationship.

  1. News about her Pregnancy

Arshi Khan told her pregnancy in front of Media and told the name her child is Cricketer Shahid Afridi. That was very shocking time for all Pakistan and for Cricketer Shahid Afridi also. Because he always denies to that kind of relationship with the Arshi Khan but she openly told about her pregnancy. That was very crucial time for the Cricketer Shahid Afridi. That is the totally unknown thing for Shahid Afridi.

  1. Explicit video had gone viral on YouTube

Almost all known is about her explicit video on YouTube where she removed her top with the song “BOOM-BOOM”. That video is very cheap and her fans like that but that video has gone to viral and that is also the biggest controversies about Arshi Khan. She also told about her nude video posting in front of media but now she posted only one video where she removed her top.

  1. Controversy with a Bhojpuri Producer

That was biggest controversies were Arshi Khan slapped the Bhojpuri Producer. According to the Arshi Khan, the Bhojpuri Producer name is Harish Pratap Singh tried to touch her back and in fact touch the Arshi Khan’s butt twice and due to that reason Arshi Khan had to slap him in the party. That incident was done in 2015 in the MB Club Lucknow.

  1. Arshi was approached by Radhe Maa’s agent to join Her Sex Racket

Arshi Khan gives the statement in front of media about the Radhe Maa like she approached Arshi for joining her sex Racket. And Arshi was meeting with Radhe Maa because of his one friend. That was biggest controversies of Arshi which is against to the Radhe Maa. That issue placed in front of public like shocking news and everyone waited for the truth.

  1. Exposing herself due to world cup

That is also recent new where Arshi told in front of media about exposing herself in front of all. But she makes the condition were like if Cricketer Shahid Afridi made the century than she exposes her front and if India has won she expose her back. Arshi Khan did that because she committed that in front of all and twits also and that’s because she never changed her commitment. That was the very shameful commitment of Arshi Khan and everyone know about the Arshi Khan is good looking but people now get her new looks through her video and Controversies.

  1. Twits about sex with Pakistani Cricketer Shahid Afridi

Arshi Khan openly told about the sex relationship between Cricketer Shahid Afridi and herself. But Cricketer Shahid Afridi not agrees with her statement and twits, in fact, Arshi has named the Cricketer Shahid Afridi as the father of her child. Cricketer Shahid Afridi had already three daughters and Shahid Afridi always deny with that stuff. Arshi khan posted many videos online and that was for Cricketer Shahid Afridi.

  1. Try to approach Ms Dhoni and Virat Kohli

Arshi Khan is very famous because of this statement also because according to little news Arshi Khan was trying to approach Indian cricketer Ms Dhoni and Virat Kohli but both cricketers is not accepted her.  That statement also was converted in the controversies statement because it’s very occurred situation for Ms Dhoni and Virat Kohli.

  1. Arshi Khan had sent Vulgar Message to Shahid Afridi

Arshi Khan also has famous for the Vulgar Message to Shahid Afridi and that message is “Afridi is really very, very good in bed. He can make a woman feel so complete and satisfied in his own trademark way – that’s so very Afridi-like”. That is the full message which had text by Arshi to Shahid Afridi. That is very shocking text like how she know it about Shahid Afridi and that text was publicly expressed.

  1. Arshi Khan in Big Boss 10

Arshi Khan has participated in the Bigg Boss 10 and she had nominated for Bigg Boss 9 but due to some film classing she didn’t participate in it. But in Bigg Boss 10, Arshi Khan definitely doing participate in it and she like Salman Khan also. Arshi is always talking about Salman Khan when she talks about Bigg Boss nomination.

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