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American Ninja Warrior Renewed at NBC and Esquire

The latest news about the American Ninja Warrior has renewed at the NBC and Esquire and also variety learned here. The show American Ninja Warrior has brought now on the sixth season on NBC and next ninth season on the Esquire and that was initially premiered in the year 2009. And this American Ninja Warrior show has aired since 2012 on the NBC and the final aired on Monday at 8 p.m. with the encore presentation which is on the Esquire Network at 13 September 2016. The American Ninja Warrior hosted by the Matt Iseman with former of NFL player whom the name is Akbar Gbajabiamila and another one is co-host Kristine Leahy.

The real episodes are air exclusively on the NBC with the greatest encore presentations which are on Esquire Network. The popularity is now the increase of the show and that is also popular on the social media which has growing as social and the cultural impact and athletes also be include here who has pushed themselves at the beyond of its limit.

The average rating of American Ninja Warrior is 2.1 and the viewers of this summer are around 7.2 million and now lots of viewers are attracted for the new one season and popular it. This show has followed the competitors and they are even tackling a series which is regarding of challenging obstacle courses which are in the country where the two phases like city finals rounds and city qualifying. American Ninja Warrior also famous for the first Emmy nomination which is the best reality competition program. If we talking about the American Ninja Warrior so this are a sports entertainment competition which is a spin-off and it’s the series of Japanese television Sasuke.

The American Ninja Warrior has proven the very vital part of lineup the summer of NBC and in fact while for the other broadcasts as the ABC and CBS and which has to track on the struggle with the real scripted series and that is off during the summer month. Well now NBC has on the track of success in it! Well, the production of American Ninja Warrior is A. Smith and that is for the NBC/Esquire Network. There the co-production founder is the Arthur Smith and one more is the Kent Weed. That is also wanted to know about it and it’s very necessary to know. That is also based on the Sasuke which has global hit and  that is from the Tokyo Broadcasting System and the real and original series has based on the 31st season in Japan which is now available. That is finally successfully done the finals course and that is in that designated region move and also in the national finals round moves in Las Vegas. There are the four stage courses are modeled and that is after the famed of Mt. Midoriyama course which is in the Japan. That is currently most watched series and lots of followers carried by it.

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