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Alive Out of Hell

Top 10 People Who Made It Alive Out of Hell

Various people have been believing in the Hell and heaven and few don’t! In the world, no scientific evidence about this kind of the terrible places does exist but after that person has believe on it here we talk about the people who made it Alive Out of Hell. Inside many Holy volumes, we are reading about the hell and heaven but no one knows that is it true or not because we only read it books not has been giving the truth like this kind of the place. Tradition image of hell like a dark, dirty place and hot place which filled with pain and torture and everlasting suffering.

Well, here some of the people who made it Alive Out of Hell. So in the below we can see that kind of people. Millions of people have different myths and stories about the hell and heaven and various people have doesn’t believe on the Satan’s kingdom and know is it the real place. A lot of the people has confused and many told we saw the hell and heaven and it really exist in the world.

Top 10 people who made it Alive Out of Hell:

  1. Matthew Botsford

This Alive Out of Hell story is about Matthew Botsford who has got involved in the deadly accident in 1992 which had changed his life. According to him were stray the bullet on the head which is on outside a restaurant in Atlanta. According to him, he died on the spot but he went the places like darkness there and was in “utter blackness” and “incredible fear”. This is a very famous story and he was experienced about the hell. It is very shocking but according to Matthew Botsford, it is true.

  1. Jennifer Perez

According to Jennifer Perez when she was in 15 years old, she was experience something out of this world and she is a one of the people in this world who Alive Out of Hell. This moment has changed her life and she don’t know where she is heaven or hell. Jennifer is from the Christian family and in the most of the Christian family adolescent, so she has rebelled alongside her parents and “left the way of the Lord”.

  1. Howard Storm

Howard Storm is also a living people who had experience in the hell. Well according to him, before become the minister of united Church of Christ, he was an ardent atheist and he was also Professor of Art at Northern Kentucky University. He also was the repulsed through anything that was to do with religion and he didn’t believe in the afterlife he didn’t believe in the science. But his life was changed when he allegedly died and when he went to the hell in the 1985 and after that, he believed in hell and heaven.

  1. Bill Wieses

Bill Wieses is very famous people and he was a famed devoted Christian and in fact, he allegedly went to hell. He is the people who have Alive Out of Hell and experienced the hell. Bill Wieses had received the Jesus Christ according to his personal Savior in 1970 and after for the three of decades he was lived a peaceful and enjoy the happy life. After that he was changed and 23 November 1998 God has to allow him to experience the hell.

  1. Vassula Ryden

Vassula Ryden is famous and 71-year-old women who have belonged to Alive Out of Hell. She had claims to have been the heaven as well as hell. Sand he had described her afterlife experiences in her book name is “Heaven Is Real But so Is Hell”. Ryden is a famous mystic  who had the claim about in 1985 with communicated God with her as well as told her  he will use her mightily.

  1. Philip Mantofa

Philip Mantofa is also very famous Christian pastor from Malaysia and he is also the person who had Alive Out of Hell. He had also preaching God’s words and he also shared his horrible experience in hell. Mantofa  is a very famous one who has lucky few whom God who has allowed experiencing hell firsthand. It’s very famous things about the hell experience and its really very sacred experience to anyone.

  1. Linda Ngaoja

Linda Ngaoja is from the Sierra Leone and had developed the country in West Africa and she is also a part who has Alive Out of Hell. Linda Ngaoja is a Christian  and she claimed that she has experienced death. She told she went the hell and it is for the brief period of time and then she made it back and alive to earth.

  1. Tamara Laroux

Tamara Laroux is a very beautiful lady and she is also a part of as a person Alive Out of Hell. But when she was in 15 years old she attempts to end her life and she shot herself in a chest. She experienced that time the hell and she scares that the moments. When she was on 6-year-old her parents got the divorce and she was not happy with it and in 1985, she attempt to kill herself.

  1. Angelica Zambrano

Angelica Zambrano is a famous one lucky Christians who have been given by God the opportunity to experience hell and heaven firsthand. When she is 23 years old she was visited the hell and heaven and had shown the glorious second coming of the Messiah.  She is also a part of the Alive Out of Hell.

  1. Jose Maniyangat

Jose Maniyangat is a very unique and famous people  who claimed about the hell and heaven. He is an important people inside the list who Alive Out of Hell. Jose Maniyangat is a very famous Indian Catholic priest and he involved in a fatal accident and also was pronounced dead but it’s on the miraculous divine intervention and come back in the life.

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