When to Choose Responsive Design or an App

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There are a number of different reasons why a designer may choose to design an app or a website. But how do you know when to choose an app or a responsive design?

One reason why a designer might choose an app over a website is that they have a specific goal they are trying to achieve. Apps are not only designed to not just provide someone with information but also to be used to complete a specific purpose or function. For instance, an app may be used by a company to encourage customers to participate in a loyalty program. A second reason the designer might choose an app is that an app is intended to be to the point. Unlike a web design, an app does not intend to have the same amount of information about a specific company and the good and services that they provide. Instead, an app is meant to be more functional and allows the user to interact in a specific way with a company.

However, there are times where it might be the wrong decision to use an app instead of a web design Auckland. Particularly since the majority of people will not download and install an app for every company. Instead, they are more likely to only install those apps which are functional for their needs and must be able to be functional over a long period of time for the user to continue to use the app after the initial introductory period.

A designer should choose to use a website over an app when the design needs to provide the user with more information. Unlike an app, a website permits the user to access more information for a specific company and the good and services they can provide to customers. Responsive web designs also allow the user to access a number of different functions, whereas an app is designed to meet one specific function and is better suited for use by loyal and repeat customers instead of new customers. Another benefit of a website that you cannot gain from the use of an app, is that a web design can be created for search engine optimization, making it possible to increase the amount of traffic to the website. An app though is not likely to generate the same type of traffic for new customers.

Both apps and responsive web designs have their place in helping companies to achieve a specific goal and meet the needs of their clients. However, it is important for the designer to know when it is best to seek to design a website or an app in order to do this most effectively. For instance, apps are not intended to be the primary source of the sales potential of a company. Instead, they are intended to enhance it, not replace it, but in order for an app to be effective, it must also be strategically designed for a specific function. Otherwise, it is usually better for a designer to opt for a responsive web design to help grow their customer base.

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