Lucky Millionaire Star Kids of Bollywood

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Lucky Millionaire Star Kids of BollywoodLucky Millionaire Star Kids of Bollywood

The Bollywood star’s kid is really lucky to have the parents as a star and Millionaire star kids are having bright future ahead for got them, parents.  Well, here we have the list of Lucky Millionaire Star Kids of Bollywood. If we generally seeking the thing in that kids so we optimize like they are having high society and high-profile because them status is different from other stars., They have the richness in them attitude which is really thinkable for all others. Well, we will discuss below about them and them nature too which is really interested to know. So we hope you will enjoy with us in this article about the Lucky Millionaire Star Kids of Bollywood.

There is some other truth also, we can say it probability about the kid of Millionaire star.  We always not telling that kid will having popularity in them future but they are popular for them parents but in sometimes they could be popular for them own work. But the few of personality like Lucky Millionaire Star Kids of Bollywood having that quality. So we will follow the below name of the star’s kid who is really very lucky.

Top most Lucky Millionaire Star Kids of Bollywood:

  1. Yug Devgan – Parent Ajay and Kajol

Yug Devgan is a son of Kajol and Ajay Devgan situated in the list of Lucky Millionaire Star Kids of Bollywood. That is a known thing they are very richest and top class Bollywood star and they are having the amazing quality. Yug is 7 year old and he is so cute kid of them. On his fifth birthday Kajol and Ajay had celebrate it.

  1. Shahraan & Iqra – Parent Sanjay & Maanyata

Sanjay Dutta is very famous celebrity and that thing is real about Shahraan & Iqra is Lucky Millionaire Star Kids of Bollywood. They kids are very sweet and innocent and daughter are very beautiful her eye is very attractive and that made her sweet and innocent. Well both kids looks adorable and hope them future will be bright.

  1. Hrehaan & Hridhaan – Parent Hrithik & Suzanne

Hrehaan & Hridhaan is the most beautiful child the of the most the most beautiful couple of BollyWood.  Hrehaan & Hridhaan is looking awesome and they are included in the list of Lucky Millionaire Star Kids of Bollywood. They kids got the most vital and richer parenting by his parents and family too. They have a high Bollywood profile background.

  1. Azad Khan – Parent Aamir & Kiran

All is known the famous Bollywood super star Amir khan he give us a lot of entertainment for his work and dedication. And the child Azad Khan is very cute kid and the he is very cute. He is only the son of Amir and Kiran and they are the Lucky Millionaire Star Kids of Bollywood. Even them son will have good future ahead with 90% of the chance because he grew up in the richer family.


  1. Taimur Ali Khan – Parent Saif & Kareena

Saif and Kareena are the hot couples of Bollywood and recently them child has born and he is so sweet kid his name is Taimur Ali khan. Saif Ali khan is born in Nawab family so he is by born richer and his child having the same property as his father. So that Taimur is the kid under the list of Lucky Millionaire Star Kids of Bollywood.

  1. AArav Kumar – Parent Akshy & Twinkle

Akshy kumar is the gentlemen of Bollywood and his son AArav is the very decent teenager and a nice boy. His mom Twinkle Khanaa belong to a rich family and her father is very famous Bollywood star. One more sibling of him is Nitara Kumar. We can say son like the father because his face is the little bit like Akshy kumar and chin is just like Twinkle.

  1. Viaan Kundra – Parent Shlipa & Raj

Shlipa is the very popular figure of the Bollywood. Her way of yoga and fitness tips are most popular in the world and Shlipa and Raj having the kid Viaan is got they parent. Viaan is the Lucky Millionaire Star Kids of Bollywood, he will little struggle of his future and he will easily enter in the Bollywood even he is really much lucky then other.

  1. AAradhya Bachchan – Parent Aishwarya & Abhishek

Each one knows about the Aishwarya Rai who had Miss World and Abhishek Bachchan is the son of the king, Amitabh Bachchan. AAradhya Bachchan is an only child of Aishwarya & Abhishek and she is so much cute kid of this family and them grandparents. She is fit in the list of Lucky Millionaire Star Kids of Bollywood which sounds really nice and her future will be graceful hopefully.

  1. Abram Khan – Parent Shahrukh & Gauri

Abram Khan is the child of Shahrukh & Gauri and that couple is a very hot couple of Bollywood and the son name is now under the list of Lucky Millionaire Star Kids of Bollywood and that is nice for him. His name will rise day by day and that is great for his future.  Abram Khan looks smart and dashing as his father as he has defined the quality as a star. So that may be he will carry on the career with acting and all with BollyWood ever.

  1. Misha – Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput

Misha is a cute daughter of actor Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput. She is the very lucky child because of Lucky Millionaire Star Kids of Bollywood. They are nice parents for them kid and they uploaded her picture on social media after a long time. She looks so cute and adorable. She is the really lucky child to having them parents who are much famous as a Bollywood actor. Misha is the first child of Shahid Kapoor and Mir Rajput and they loved her lot. She looks like the wallpaper child.

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