Crazy Money Making Schemes

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Top 10 Crazy Money Making Schemes

These people are more curious to find ways and work to make money easily and instantly and they do get some good results in finding that but the possibility of genuine works are 50 percent and they may be scammed after working all the way. They search for Crazy Money-Making Schemes as they need it.

Making an extra revenue for your needs is everyone’s dream but it’s hard to find a real and genuine work. Some people are way more intelligent and professional in doing these works they create their own most likely selling historical things on the internet and providing advertisement and promotional works on the internet or outside as they become popular they make their own organisations for doing so and they become corps like Adsense and Adfly etc.

  1. Being Good at Selling or Exchanging Warcraft

Some peoples are really good in knowing the warcraft and things related to that and they may become a good marketers in the field like these. Actually some peoples who play warfare games they eventually generate good knowledge in warfare supplies. They can create a website on the internet to sell or to exchange war or armor materials and the revenue will be great compared to the shops selling on the ground because on the internet you can sell it worldwide and there is no limit but still you will have to be licensed in order to prevent illegal acts.

  1. Begging on the streets

Though begging is illegal and it may not be a good idea for the Crazy Money Making Scheme but still it generates money so it maybe a work for the ones who have nothing or do have no knowledge of anything. And if you’re a con-artist you can make some money through all this and you may not be caught in doing so. But still we do not say to go for this anyway and to do this instead you may choose to do this on your own responsibility or from your democratic rights.

  1. Selling stuff on the internet

Some people sell their old and unnecessary things on the internet by telling that these are more than good to have or is a unique it’s a good way to make money or you can say it a Crazy Money  Making Scheme. Selling things on the internet is easy although you had to be clear in doing so by providing information that attracts you a buyer for that thing and if you’re a successful in doing so then it may be a good idea or work to do. And if you’re a good in selling stupid stuffs then it maybe a great idea like you post an ad saying that Selling the chewing-gum of Paul Walker but it’s kind of funny to do so but if we talk about a real work then selling things over and over again on the internet is a good idea like by just changing the names you’re referring before or by adding world’s best or best thing to buy. This may become a good way to earn or a Crazy Money Making Scheme if you’re searching for ways like this then it’s a good one to go.

If you’re a tech genius then you may sell your website by just giving the customer a page and hosting of your own and it may sell at a good rate without doing no hard work or one can sell a software such as a video downloaded or extensions if you’re deep down that much.

  1. Coaching of Livelihood

The best and better, highly non-ignorable job is to provide someone “coaching of life”. It’s almost the same job as a professor who does lectures as you can say anything you wanted to say, most likely telling someone what to do or not, Or to judge someone and to tell them to change this or that and they may do. And it’s pretty much simple cause you to need no extra qualifications, finance and accounting talent or any other thing to do so. It’s just the work everyone always wanted to do as you just have to provide advice and get paid in no time.  In this case, you may say that this a perfect scenario for Crazy Money Making Scheme.

  1. Advertise by Yourself

It’s right that some people may find this annoying but still this also, may be a good idea to promote a website or an organisation your Tee And if you’re comfortable with putting it on your forehead then it’s the best way you can provide a well advertisement scheme and then just give it a go if you find someone hiring you for that. You can make a good amount money by just making yourself a well-updated advertisement and you may find this way a Crazy Money Making Scheme.

  1. From Your Phone

For some people who are always on the move to make money on the go then making it through your phone is a great idea. There are many jobs that you can do from your phone and from the modernisation which is being going on which makes you more possibilities to do so you can do ads by your phone by sending promotional mails or messages to the people or by making promotional calls for organisations and charities. Still there are many more money making works such as there are thousands of applications which can provide you money or recharges or bill payments or many rewarding ways. One app provides you real income for reading emails on your phone, Another one can give you money for providing researches about hotels, rooms and plots available to be bought and snapping pictures of them. Basically generating money from your phone is a great idea and well business to do without any worries so you can say it is also a Crazy Money Making Scheme.

  1. Jobs On the Streets

Begging on the streets for jobs is quite bad but if you get to think on this you may find this a better idea rather than be sending resumes to companies on the internet instead you take a board or sign saying what you’re capable of and wanted to work and be a street walker and if someone who finds you a helpful then you’re hired. Or you can ask person to person for a job sometimes this may become successful in getting you hired if you’re lucky enough. So it is also a Crazy Money Making Scheme easily ca be done by anyone.

  1. Going To Prison

Going to prison is a good enough idea if you’re old and had nowhere to live and-and nothing to eat then by robbing any bank and getting caught is a good enough way you have a better healthcare because prisoners have more free healthcare rather than the poor people. And though it cannot be a Crazy Money Making Scheme still it has possibilities for getting a needy one a fair place to live.

  1. Begging Off the streets On the Internet

Begging on the internet is the better to place to beg although it didn’t sound great but still it’s better than begging on the streets you have the chances of getting seen by someone rich enough to donate some good money in a moment of time. You can create your blog or a website to do so and even a page on the internet can help you providing an amount of need. One can say this a Crazy Money Making Scheme instead of laying around on the streets.

  1. Line Or Placeholders

There are many peoples who can pay you for standing in place of themand that is situated in a line or queque and you can make as much income as much you want. If you’ve time enough to do so then it’s the job for you, you can purchase products which are sold through timer sales and come in limited quantity to be sold. This is a perfect & Crazy Money Making Scheme for someone who wants a job that really pays and works.

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