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Google Algorithms for SEOGoogle Algorithms for SEO

Learn the Google Algorithms for SEO

In SEO Google updates are very famous part and Google Algorithm also known by the name of Google Updates. Here we are having the very important topic about Google Algorithms for SEO and here we see how it works for Search Engine Optimization and why is it important for SEO?  Google Algorithms for SEO is updated and rolled out regularly and here we have to see the major Google Updates as well as algorithms. Few names are spread here Google Hummingbird, Google Mobile-Friendly Update, Google Panda Update, Google Penguin Update, Google Pigeon Update, Google Payday Update, Google Pirate Update, Google EMD (Exact Match Domain) Update, Google Top Heavy Update etc.

Major Google Algorithms for SEO in the below section

  1. Google Panda Update

Panda Google Algorithms for SEO is the major updates of Google and its introduce in 2011 and Panda updates is regarding for the poor quality content as well as copy contents which have arrived in the  Google search result. Panda Updates is the high profiled Google Algorithm updates and due to this updates, many sites had been penalized by Google. Panda has updated time to time and it’s in 2011 many sites hit by the Google Panda Algorithm!

  1. Google Penguin Updates

It’s introduced in 2012 in April and it’s the highly launched to SEO market and it’s very kind of starvation in SEO market. Google Penguin Updates has caught the sites which seem like buying links or seems the relevant reciprocal links. For removing the bad links google had released the Google Disavow links tool and this is for removing the spam which is may regain ranking. Many sites had hits by the Google Penguin Updates.

  1. Google Pigeon Update

It’s launched on July 2014 for US English Result and its for the local citation. Pigeon Update has for the accurate and local search result and here the whole term is around the NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) and through this Pigeon Update seen the exact result will match through NAP and staying for the exact result for local citation. This updates for the improvement their distance, as well as the parameter, is regarding of the location ranking.

Now the most recent entry is regarding of the Google Mobile Algorithm Tests. But this algorithm is underway now awaiting for the updates. In January one update was coming but that name has not been updated and that was not the major update. Well in the top of the article those had the major Google Algorithms for SEO. And few updates Google has told like undergoing! Significant things about those Google Algorithms is to make the SEO level higher and take over the Good Quality sites and business.

The positive impact of the Google Algorithms for SEO and page rank is also an important factor of SEO is that make the reliable SEO for any sites and update the quality of work and give the reliable results for business. For any business SEO that is the positive thing well, we will again come in next article with recent Google Algorithm Updates for SEO.

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