Top 10 Miss Universe Ever in world

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Miss Universe EverMiss Universe Ever

Top 10 Miss Universe Ever in the world

Miss Universe is the most dominant contest of the pleasing women of the world. Each woman thinks like she will look like the miss universe and getting the dream like this. There is some most beautiful Miss Universe Ever in below section. Miss Universe Ever award is not easy to win that title women need to face hurdle rounds and face many of the crises. Well this competition is not easy to face and in this content many of the beautiful women are participating and each participate want to become Miss Universe.


Top 10 Miss Universe Ever in the world
Top 10 Miss Universe Ever in the world

Beautiful looks are not enough because in this contest having many round where the judges check your IQ level and that kind of round are also present here. After that top 10 short listing contestant will on the stage and then competition is tougher now. On that side, each one is expecting to win the title of the beautiful women of the universe. On this stage many stylish, beautiful, smart and young women are present and each one is having different quality and winner is who have very different to all who bitterly represent herself than others. Miss Universe contest is very tough beauty contest of the world!

Top 10 Miss Universe Ever

  1. Irene Saez

Irene Saez was the winner of 1981 and she was the very beautiful women who take the award Miss Universe Ever. She got this award in New York when the Miss Universe show was held. She is very beautiful as well as her beautiful smile is made everyone crazy and judges were stair her face because of her cute smile and face thus, she was crowned. She was very happy to get this Miss Universe award and Cheer up with all.

  1. Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen is a very famous Indian woman famous is because of the Miss Universe Ever and another reason is she is a popular Bollywood actress with the good social worker. She was made a history in the Miss Universe contest because she was the first Miss Universe from India. When she was held the title of Miss Universe her age is around 21-Year-old and she was representing in India in front of the whole world with the popular title i.e. Miss Universe.

  1. Mona Grudt

Mona Grudt is very famously known with another name such as “The Beauty Queen of Hell”. Her beauty is speechless because no grasping word in the dictionary which express her beauty after that in a few words she is having the cute face and green eyes and hot body. With she has a history because when she was got this award she was not confirmed to enter in the contest, but she was shortlisted in fact she was the winner in the Miss Universe Ever contest in 1990.

  1. Lara Dutta

After Sushmita Sen, Lara Dutta is also a one of the next beautiful, hot and gorgeous women of the India. She won the Miss Universe Ever award in 2000 and after that, she made her career in Bollywood. She was given many hit movie due to her Bollywood career but after a long time, she is not yet in the Bollywood. She is the very beautiful in fact she is a talented female celebrity she is super cool beauty ever.

  1. Alicia Machado

She has won the Miss Universe Ever competition in 1996 and she is beautiful, but she did some magically and doubtlessly acts during the show. That time she was proven she is prominent from the rest of the contestant and finally, she became the winner. She approaches to won the award of Miss Universe and she done her 100 % during the competition and finally she got it.

  1. Nathalie Glebova

Nathalie Glebova is the 54th Miss Universe inside the Miss Universe Ever contest. She represents the Canadian beauty in front of this world due to won the Miss Universe award. She was got the chance to appearing in many fashion shows and she was the show stoppers in various fashion shows. Rest of the fashion shows she was the Brand ambassador of various beauty products.

  1. Angela Visser

Angela Visser is very popular women because she made the history with won the Miss Universe Ever contest representing the Netherlands. She was the first women of Netherlands who got the Miss Universe award and during a contest; she has spread the spark of her beauty and got the crown from judges. She started her career with television and film industries and gave many amazing and entertaining movies. She was very successfully made her career in Hollywood and represents herself better each time.

  1. Rozalia Mancewicz

Rozalia Mancewicz is very pretty women and she is also famous with the title of beauty diva of Australia. She has won the Miss Universe Ever contest in 2011. Before the Miss Universe contest, she has won the Miss Polonia award in 2010. She was beautiful and she have the cutest smile and she is very intelligent women rest of the other contestant that because she was won the Miss Universe award.

  1. Amelia Vega

Amelia Vega is a one of the sweetest women of the world and she was only the 18th-year-old when she held the crown of Miss Universe Ever. She was a very famous as a supermodel as well as the musician and she is a very talented girl with impressive personality. She is also hot, smart and intelligent and that’s because all is crazy about her and judges stick on her beauty during the contest.

  1. Jennifer Hawkins

Jennifer Hawkins, she is the first lady who got the Miss Australian title and after that she entered in the Miss Universe Ever contest and she won this award too. She is very beautiful and able to occupy anyone via her beauty and the same thing is done with judges during the contest and won the Miss Universe award. She represented her native country and won the international Miss Universe Competition.


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