Top 10 Ultra Lite Travel Trailers Under 2000 lbs

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Top 10 Ultra Lite Travel Trailers Under 2000 lbs

Lightweight travel trailers have become the most prominent need of people since they have taken interest in camping out with an alternate home. If you are also thinking about purchasing a fully featured light weight travel trailer under 2000 lbs, then check suggestions bellow:

Travel Trailers
Travel Trailers

1-      Palomino Basecamp:

In 2014, Palomino has introduced the palomino basecamp 2014. It is the most advanced version of this company’s travel trailers. Its dry weight is up to 2000 lbs, but it is fully featured with cooking stand, sitting arrangement is also good, and lighting facility is also very good.

2-      Bigfoot Travel Trailers: 25B17.5G

It is the lightest travel trailer from Bigfoot industries. It is considered as a small travel trailer which is coming with LPG, Fresh water and good sitting arrangement. Its weight is 1800 lbs, and it can increase as you will add accessories in it.

3-      Airstream Flying Cloud:

It is a fully furnished light weight travel trailer prepared by Airstream. It contains wholly necessary equipments of your need. You will get LPG stove, a bed and sitting arrangement. Its weight is 2000 lbs, and it is good to carry out for camping.

4-      Camplite from LivinLite:

LivinLite is a very well known lightweight travel trailer manufacturing company. Now it is offering you complete travel trailer with 2000 lbs dry weight. You can take this aluminum made travel trailer with you and enjoy your tour in the best way.

5-      Cikira Classic Cruiser travel trailer:

Cikira Company builds this lightweight travel trailer, and its weight is 1900 lbs. This company is offering you eight different floor plans so you can choose anyone according to your need.

6-      Coachmen Capri Micro small travel trailer:

Coachmen are a very well known lightweight travel trailer manufacturing company. Now it is offering you Capri micro, small travel trailer with the weight of 1800 lbs, and there are three different floor plans available in this lightweight travel trailer.

7-      Coachmen M-Series small travel trailer:

It is another very small travel trailer offered by coachmen. In It, you will get dry weight up to 2000 lbs, but this will be featured with facilities like AC, Gas stove, Bathroom and sleeping space.

8-      Coleman Travel Trailer

It is a charming interior furnished light weight travel trailer, prepared by Coleman Company. It is offering you an attractive interior with all modern facilities. Its dry weight is up to 2000 lbs and available for purchase now.

9-      CrossRoads Slingshot Ultra Lite Travel Trailer:

What to say about the design and exterior look of slingshot. It is simply ultimate light weight travel trailer. It is offering you an excellent space with many inbuilt features. Its dry weight is 2100 lbs, but it can be towed easily by a minivan.

10-  ECO travel trailer:

It is a new company in the market, which is introducing the travel trailers. Its maximum weight can go near about 3500 lbs, but if you want, then you can also get it under 2000 lbs weight. Now it is available to buy with many ultimate features.

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