Vastu shastra for bedroom and its benefits

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In India people take help of Vastu shastra to create structure of the house according to ancient Indian Iconography to bring all kind positivity in home. People first do the Bhoomi Pujan before starting the work of building house and then start building the house. A vastu expert assists people to know the right direction of different parts of our home. For example, where to held the kitchen, where should be the temple room, and where should be the master bedroom. All the directions of house are decided according to the Vastu technique by concerning it for the owner of the new house. Many people are unaware of Vastu techniques that how the different parts should be held in house according to the Vastu, so here you can know about that all:

Vastu shastra for bedroom:

According to the Vastu shastra, bedroom must be in south east corner of the house. The south east corner of house is the area, where you can be safe from voice pollutions and other irritating elements. You can check this in many Indian homes that they all have bedroom in south east corner.

Other rooms of home according to the Vastu shastra:

Apart from the bedroom, there are many other rooms, which also should be situated according to the Vastu shastra. First of all we will talk about the main gate of your home. What you think where it should be? If you are thinking about the east direction, then you are fairly right because your home’s gate always should be in east direction. This will carry the light of sun in your house, which will eliminate all kinds of negative elements and provide you the best relief in your house.

If you want to know about the kitchen’s situation, then you should position it in the south east side of your home. This is the perfect place to situate the kitchen according to the Vastu shastra. Many individual prefer this position of kitchen because it is quite far from the bedroom, so if a person is sleeping in the bedroom while you are cooking, he won’t be disturbed. All the toilets of your home must be positioned into the North West corner of the house. This situation of rooms is defined according to the great measures of Vastu shastra for home. There are many people, who have situated their houses according to such directions and now living cheerfully in their homes.

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