How to make tomato juice at home?

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People love to eat tomato in many forms. For example we often eat tomato sauces, we also use tomato puree in our food dishes, also we create tomato chutney to eat it with different dishes. These all things are very easy to prepare at home. By the way today we are going to teach you a different dish of tomato, which is really so delicious and very healthy for us. Probably you have listened about the tomato juice, but have you ever tried to prepare it at your home? Never? Don’t be worry because we are giving you a fine method through which you will know that how to make tomato juice at home. This is quite easy to prepare and you can make it anytime in your kitchen.

Ingredients required to make tomato juice at home are:

  • 2.5 kg finely chopped tomatoes of great quality.
  • Chopped celery including their leaves in amount of one cup.
  • Half cup chopped onions.
  • Two tablespoon sugar.
  • One tsp salt.
  • Black pepper in amount of a pinch.
  • 2Tobacco snakes.
  • Sauce according to your taste.

Process of making tomato juice:

  • Take a large pan, use steel pan if it is possible because it is non reactive and safe for cooking food.
  • Put tomatoes in it and then insert the onions.
  • Now insert the sugar and salt and then stir the solution.
  • Now insert the tobacco snakes and start stirring until solution get farm of paste.
  • Now insert celery in it and stir.
  • Now insert gentle amount of water in it and start stirring.
  • Now shift whole mix into a boiler and cook for next 30 minutes.
  •  Now take out the mixer from boiler and let it be cool.
  • As the mixer will be cooled, strain it in a storing jar.
  • Keep the jar into the refrigerator at least for two hours.

Thus your tomato juice is ready to serve. For sure you will not face any kind of difficulty in preparing it. Do not use the tomato puree to prepare the tomato juice because it will reduce the taste of tomato juice. Also strain the juice carefully so that whole seeds will be out and you will get a tasty juice.

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