How to make blogger private? Get details on it.

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We create blogs to share our thinking and our recent activities. It is the best way of sharing stuff with our friends and our followers. Even blogging is also considered as the best way of earning money from home. If you have some unique ideas and you want to show that how creative your mind is, then just start blogging. If your blog gets huge popularity, surely you will earn good amount from it. By the way few people want to use their blogs as a personal diary or personal journal. For them blogger is said to be the best destination. If you are also fond of doing this activity, must know that how to make blogger private:

Open your blogger account-

First of all you will need to visit at your blogger account. You can easily login with the help of your blog id and password and then look for the available options bellow. There will be many options, like overviews, posts, pages and comments, etc. now you should know that you are going to do your blog private, it means you will need to do some changes in settings related to your blog. Thus our next operation is related to settings options.

Click at settings and edit some settings-

As you will enter in settings you will see some options in it, like you can edit title, description and privacy too. Now you have to click at the privacy settings and then click at the edit option right ahead to privacy settings. Here you can create new circles in which you can mention the names of guys to whom you want to show the regular updates of your blog. This is really easy to do. The next action is related to the blog reader’s settings, so let’s know what you have to do in that.

Edit reader’s option:

As you will click at the readers option, then a small menu of available ways will fall down. Here you can choose anyone option from- only blog author or these readers. If you want to maintain the blog as your private diary or directory, then just click at only author. Otherwise you can click at “only these people’’ option to create a group of your friends, who can check your blog’s regular updates. Thus you can make your blog private on blogger and people will watch your blog in a way you will edit it.

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