How to format windows 7 operating system and how to install a new operating system?

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We need to format our computer because virus damage, hard drive crashes and also to install the new version of operating system. For these almost people prefer to take help of an expert, but the expert charges quite big amount for it. If this time you want to save your amount of formatting expert’s fees, you should follow the bellow given procedure. Thus you will know how to format windows 7 and other operating systems on your computer.

First create back up of all necessary files

Before you go for formatting your windows 7 PC, you must create back up of all necessary files. Because in formatting whole files are removed from the memory of hard disk and it can be a serious problem for you if you will lose any important data from your computer. To create back up you can go for the help panel of windows 7 and explore details of creating back up files. As you have created the back up of all files, now get the Compaq disk of desired operating system. Enter that CD and start formatting procedure.

Follow whole instruction of formatting windows 7

As you will enter the windows 7 CD into the disk drive of your computer and start the booting process, you will have to wait for a while for automatic prompt. Now the time is to click on the enter key of your keyboard and wait for the next instruction. It will take few minutes to complete booting because it is the time, when your new version of windows 7 is installing into your computer. Now you will get option to select language, so select English because it will be convenient for you. You will also get some options to fill, so you can fill it according to your convenience.

After installing the new version of windows 7, your computer will start formatting the previous one. As the whole formatting process will be completed, you will be directed to enter necessary drivers in your system. Without drivers you can’t perform required actions in your computer. Now you have to just create space in different drives and thus your computer is formatted. It is quite easy to learn that how to format windows 7 and how to reinstall it. You can also apply the same procedure for other operating systems.

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