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serious side effects of almonds
serious side effects of almonds

10 Serious Side Effects of Almonds

We all know about the positive effects about the almond but are we know about its side effect? And the answer is no because in really we don’t know about the side effects about almonds but need to know it. That’s because we have to cover some point which indicates about the Side Effects of almonds and indicates to all about just beware of almonds. No need to consume almond in higher quantity. Almond is good as known by all but almond having some side effects also if we consume it in the higher quantity so there we are having few points which indicate the Side Effects of Almonds. Those Side Effects of almonds is really we need to know for better awareness for our health.

Actually, almonds having the high magnesium and it is stopping the blood flow and body absorption of antibiotic drugs. 100-gram almond has the 12 grams of fiber and if we consume lots of almond then we have to get diarrhea. Sometimes we think if something gives us the positive effect so that is good and we can take it in the higher quantity but that thinking is very wrong. We need to take the things in the quantity, not in the higher quantity. Well in below some sort of the Side Effects of almonds.

  1. Diarrhea:

Diarrhea is the one of very common disease and the cause of this disease because almond consumes the higher fiber and if we take the higher quantity of almonds then we are suffering from diarrhea. This is also one of the most famous Side Effects of Almonds so just take the almond in limited quantity and get safe by diarrhea. Protect you and your child and everyone by giving the awareness about side effects of almonds.

  1. Headache:

A headache is one of the most common problems in the human body and cause is different of this disease. But somewhere almond is also the part of the cause of A headache because almond is having highly vitamin E and that is also creating the Headache in a human body. This is one more Side Effects of Almonds so take an almond in the lower quantity.

  1. Asthma:

Asthma is also one more common disease and cause are also different of it but if we are consuming almond in high quantity so somewhere it is also the cause of asthma. If Almonds bitter slightly in the taste that means it is having hydrocyanic acid in the higher quantity and that is the cause to give us Asthma kind of the disease and we need to protect ourselves from it and for the better life ahead. Just beware of it and take the almonds in the lower quantity and protect you via Side Effects of Almonds.

  1. Decrease the Immunity Power of Human Body:

This is one more bitter and unknown fact about the almonds because the almond is also the cause of decrease the immunity power and because of it some kind of skin problem and allergy also is there. So that is not the ignorable thing and we need to protect our body from that kind of allergy and ignore to highly eat almond and protect your immunity power. Almond consumption is good but not good to eat in high quantity concept and safe yourself via Side Effects of Almonds.

  1. Kidney Problem:

That is the strange thing but this is truth fact about the Side Effects of Almonds because oxyelite is very highly present in almond and that is a most famous issue for the kidney failed. That side effect is really unbelievable but that is the truth about the almond and we need to protect us from that kind of very highly side effect. The kidney is very important part of the human body and we can’t assume the life without it.

  1. Anesthesia:

Anesthesia is one of the most famous things and if we consume the almond in higher quantity so anesthesia may increase so before and after surgery need to stop eating the almond before and after the two weeks of operation and surgery. When anesthesia will increase then you may get the problem of Sore throat, Nausea, and vomiting, dizziness, vision problems as well as Headache etc.

  1. Food Poisoning:

Food poisoning is one of the most common heath issues of human body and that is because many of the causes and that is also one of Side Effects of Almonds. Almond is having the hydrocyanic acid and through it, food poisoning can be occurred so eat the almond in limited quantity and protect yourself ever.

  1. Stomach Pain:

Almonds have the warm Impression for the body so because of it the stomach pain can be present and if the consumption is high through the human definitely the stomach pain will be there so need to protect yourself to low consumption of almond and this is an another Side Effects of Almonds.

  1. Weight Gain:

No one needs the fatty touch in the body and move to reduce the weight but if we eat the almond in high quantity then the weight will increase very fast so that is one of the most common and known Side Effects of Almonds. Almond have the 1200-1500 calorie intake which is able to increase the weight very fast and it has an intake of calories in sufficient amount so that because almond has given really very bad effect on the body and increase the weight.

  1. Gastrointestinal Problems

Almond has been containing the 3.5 g fiber and because of it the Gastrointestinal Problems may be possible and if we eat 25 to 38 g almonds regular and in each day so it can be prevented by diarrhea and constipation but if we eat higher than this quantity of the almond we will suffering from the Gastrointestinal Problems. So we need to take the step for protecting us via that kind of the Side Effects of Almonds.

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